xab.com 8 hour BTC-USD Prediction

Latest Prediction
Price was $16,461.49
36.0 mins ago when prediction began.

Prediction: price will be $16,858.54 7.4 hrs from now

0.0256% mean squared error, approx 1.6% mean error
Prediction Sampling
Predicting 8 hrs into the future.

Each prediction looks back 3 days

Trained 1 iterations, 105.9 ms until "mse_reached" Model updated: 36.0 mins ago
Latest Model
50.0% Accurate
up/down signal over last 1000 predictions, spanning 83 days, ending 8.6 hrs ago. 49.6% were up predictions.

48.19% of up predictions correct. 51.79% of down predictions correct.

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